Denmark is one of the countries of the EU more engaged with the concept of Green IT and an early adopter of initiatives in the field. In accordance with the EUROSTAT  data from 2008, Denmark enjoyed a position of leadership in the incorporation to the Society of Information (37.4% use of broadband compared 21.7% average in UE27) and in the use of the eGovernment (41.3% compared with 25.5% average in UE27). This privileged situation has permitted an early adoption of the concept Green IT as a new frontrier. The fact of being Denmark the country host of the future “UN ClimateChange Conference” in December 2009, have also accelerated the activities in the area.

In April 2008, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Danish developed “Action for Plan Green IT in Denmark” This plan aims to bring back to consciousness citizens, companies and Administration for a rapid adoption of the concept in daily life. The plan has two priorities:

  • Greener IT use

  • IT solutions for a sustainable future

Within each priority there are a group of initiatives to develop. Directed specifically at the area of Public Administration, within the first priority, we can find the development of “Green IT Guidelines for Public Authorities”. The guide is aims to help Public Administrations to reach the target to reduce by 10% the energy consumption.

Given the complexity of any administrative body, its different initial situation and organizational diversity, “Green IT Guidelines for Public Authorities” do not establish measures of compulsory implementation, but 29 proposals of a guiding nature. These proposals are structured in five areas:

  • Purchases of equipment IT

  • Installation of Centres of Data processing

  • Use made of the equipment IT of the jobs

  • Behaviour greener than the public employee

  • Innovating use of technology

The reading of the document is highly recommendable. Each proposal is illustrated with its motivation and an a approach for its implementation. It is a real quick reference manual. Expected measures will be found in it (e.g. consolidation of servers) together with others of low cost and high effectiveness (e.g. non intrusivas campaigns to make greener the activity of the public employee).