I’m not the only one in Spain who follows and admires the work done by David Osimo. It is certainly one of the main leaders of the Government 2.0 European scene  and perhaps I only miss some more posts on his blog, through which many of us were initiated on the subject. His latest feat has been promoting the development of “An Open Declaration on European Public Services”.

I must express my solidarity with the principles that the Declaration proposes for the governance of public services in Europe, but I think David, this time, has fallen short. Too much emphasis on giving a place to the society in developing them and little (none) space dedicated to changing organizational model of public administrations. The change of the model is essential to progress towards the improvement of many public services, for instance electronic government services.

Forgetting is logical given that virtually all of the actors who have worked with David are not part of the Public Administrations. I do not want it to be understood as corporatism, but as self-criticism toward those of us who have not worked hard enough in the issue. This is a clear signal that the evolution of European public services it is only possible through an evolution in our ways of working.

After this speech of contrition, coming out of time, I provide David this belated contribution to the effort. A fourth principle that  in my opinion should also govern European public services:

Intelligent Public Administrations, collaboration between public organisations and most active civil servants are cornerstones in building european public services. Greater fluidity in the relations and exchange of information between public organizations, will allow to build public services more adapted to the needs of society and that require less administrative burdens on citizens. It is needed to take advantage of and enhance the internal capabilities of public organizations with a more efficient and effective use of civil servants, changing their ways of working through tools that allow them greater contact between them and with citizens who serve.

Anyway, I have endorsed the declaration. And You?